Find new and exciting off road trails and parks near you to explore today!

If you are looking for new off road trails and parks to explore that are exciting, safe and legal to travel then you’ve come to the right place.

We are devoted to helping power sports enthusiast, regardless of what type of off highway vehicle "OHV" they may own, find safe and legal places to ride and have fun.

If you know of a place to ride that is not listed, be sure and let us know. We are always looking for that next new trail!

Are there any Jeep off road trails near me?

We know what you're thinking, "are there any Jeep off road trails near me?" Well, you're in luck! Almost all U.S. states have off road Jeep trails and in some places you will find free access to BLM or Army Corp of Engineers land to use. Many states have dirt roads and trails in state parks with access to camping and boating. Many of these trails are not just Jeep accessible, many 4x4 trucks and four-wheel drive SUV's as well as ATV's are permitted.

Are you looking for exciting ATV trails to explore?

Most off road parks that cater to full size trail rigs also offer ATV trails and access for UTV's and side-by-sides as well. Some motocross tracks also allow ATV's and side-by-sides to use their facilities.

When looking for places to ride or drive it is best to do your research and call before you haul. We do our best to provide the ATV riding community as much information as we can in on ATV trails near you. If you know of a place to ride that is not listed, be sure and let us know. 

Are you looking for places to go mudding?

Few things are more fun than off road mudding. The more sloppy and deep the better. Many off road parks have seemingly bottomless pits of this glorious brown goo. Many parks will add water to their dedicated mud pits to ensure the mud stays wet and sloppy. If you demand muck and mud check out our park listing to ensure your park has a dedicated mud pit.

Why stick to legal off road trails?

It can be very tempting at times to pull off and get a little mud on the tires when you see mud or water in a ditch along side the road. Who hasn’t thought about crossing over on to private land just because the gate was open to romp up and down that little hill just right over? Being responsible off road and respecting private property isn't just about being polite and staying out of trouble, its about keeping our sport alive!

The anti-off road activist community will use any example of irresponsible use of a Jeep or ATV they can find to petition politicians to increase fines and close down legal access to trails.  For this reason you will not find illegal 4x4 trails listed on our site. There are thousands of legal trails to explore that range from free to about $25 or so per day. You will find legal off road trails are located all across America so there really is no excuse to get caught trespassing. Use our site to find legal place to wheel, avoid steep fines and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket for future upgrades to your rig.

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