Brenwick Craig Road (Klutina Road) Alaska - AK

Brenwick Craig Road is located at mile 101.5 of the Richardson Highway. This Alaska off road trail provides access to the Klutina River and Klutina Lake. This road is a 17 (b) easement through native owned lands. Allowable uses for this 60 foot easement are travel by motor vehicle, OHV, or foot. This trail proceeds 23 miles and terminates at Klutina Lake. 


It is recommended for high clearance or 4 wheel drive vehicles only. Camping or parking on or within this easement is prohibited. This is an easement through private lands and anyone wishing to park, camp or exit from the 60 foot easement must receive a permit from Ahtna, Inc. in Glennallen.

There is a one acre site easement at the end of this road that allows you to park your vehicle and change your mode of transportation.  Camping to change your mode of transportation is limited to 24 hours.

Located Near These Regional Cities: Copper Center, Glennallen, Anchorage, Fairbanks

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