by dirty curt

rough ! not the best dirt bike area Bf Goodrich rated trail is good. woods riding is not the best for sxs to many high centers. no room to get up to high speeds. twists turns rocks some hills mud ect. i give it 50% need trail grooming big ruts from big trucks makes it hard to ride {nice new shelter house and bathrooms }parking lot has been upgraded and is patrolled frequently by conservation officer EASY PICKINS if your not legal. With a little work it could be a 75% plus but lack of trail maintenance is a killer I would pay a modest fee as most would for a least some areas with groomed trails for kids ,beginners and people who don't want to be beat to death . I like the rough but I also enjoy some easy rides too. in all it has had some good improvements this year and is one of the few places to ride in s.ind.Pick this review apart its your right. God bless america.

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